Vero :

In this section we Will present real examples that have been carried out in our centre and that Will be presented to you by our students.

In other words, these are real-life examples in an educacional environment in particular, a play, an advertisement and a short film.

Sara :

This short film tells the story of a person who comes from the future to warm us of the problems that pollution Will bring


The advertisement is about co-responsibility in the family . It is a joint work of teachers , students and parents.

Alumnos de Elva :

Empty Echoes is a recreation of the classic story of Echo and Narcissus, collected by Ovid in Metamorphoses. In our particular vision of the story, the gods use mobile phones and have Instagram. This update is a critical look at today’s society, which denounces the use and abuse of the level of egocentrismñ, so we will see how Narcissus will die when he falls while taking a selfie.

The students contributed to the play by updating the language, giving it a freshness and colloquialism. The play also has a good dose of humour and touches on other themes such as equality, gender stereotypes, ecology, etc. The experience was very positive, we learnt and had fun working as a group.